What is the purpose of RLC?
How is that purpose accomplished?

Vision: One More...Growing In Christ!
     The reason River of Life Church exists is to introduce "One More" person to their savior, Jesus Christ!
     Once they've met him, we want them to start "Growing In Christ" and get to know him better!

*How do we get "One More" person to know Jesus?
   1) We create a Sunday morning experience that will appeal to guests.
       - They can understand what's going on.
       - We give an opportunity almost every week to accept Jesus
       - We challenge our attenders to invite their friends, family, coworkers, etc... We are an outward
         focused church.
   2) We support many missionaires that share Jesus with people all around the world.

*How do we get people to start "Growing In Christ"?
   - We us a spiritual growth model called "The 6 P's"
       1) Practical Teaching - The teaching we provide is relevant and practical to everyday life.
       2) Private Disciplines - We believe that being with God once a week is not enough. We encourage
           and equip people to read their Bible and pray daily.
       3) Personal Ministry - God has asked each one of us to serve inside and outside the church. People
           grow exponentially when they serve!
       4) Providential Relationships - RLC provides Life Groups for people to surround themselves with
           people who are going to challenge and support them in their spiritual growth.
       5) Pivotal Circumstances - Sometimes troubles come our way, for whatever reason. There are two
           ways you can go when troubles come: Toward God or away from God. We try to help people
           understand that if they interpret the situation correctly, they can grow spiritually.
       6) Powerful Moments - Lives are changed when people encounter God. We create places for
           people to encounter God regularly.

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